Thursday, January 8, 2009

'Returning From Exile'

It's five o'clock in the morning--I can't sleep so I thought I would write for awhile. We started rehearsals yesterday evening, and I think I'm just over stimulated, exhausted, and excited all at once. It felt good to be back in a theatre, which for me is like a pastor in exile going back to a church. Its the one place I feel very comfortable, and because there are four theatres in the complex, there were plenty of actors and theatre artists around (the actors are always out on the sidewalk smoking). There was an audition going on, so the theatre was abuzz. I'm rehearsing in a nice size little theatre space, with plenty of tables, chairs and light. The theatre is right on Santa Monica Blvd., outside there is a steady flow of traffic, of course here, no matter the time of day there is a steady flow of traffic... I came into the space with some coffee, my guitar, and my trusty black bag that holds all the words. I've taken up using a composition book for taking notes and writing songs. Adjusting the script I use my computer. I took in fifteen pages to work tonight. 

I found getting started a very emotional experience for me. Not only had I been preparing for that moment, but the material is still a little devastating. Still, I love this process. I pulled out my guitar for a tuning, and just played songs for about an hour to warm up. Next, I take the script out and put it on a music stand, so that I can move around while I memorize. I'm pretty familiar with the first fifteen pages, so its moving away, speaking the words, finding redundancy, and making little changes as I re-memorize. After I worked like this for a couple of hours, I wrote a new song. As always, the song always seems beautiful when I first write it, we'll see tomorrow if its any good. I worked a good four and a half hours, and then came home. Its good having Scott here, we have found an easy working ethic, and like me, he can work the long hours it takes to get deadlines. We finalized the post cards and the image, and while I was rehearsing Scott ordered a thousand of them. He also had a beautiful poster when I got home, and with him here, I don't feel so lonely. 

Scott and I have been reading out of 'Conversations With God' in the mornings since he has been here, a book I discovered on the shelf of the former tenant. Its a great book, and has some really fascinating ideas about spirituality. I think I like it because rather than pontificate things I've heard and read all my life, it is a dialogue, which I can certainly relate to. This morning it was talking about thoughts becoming words, and words becoming deeds. I think that sums it up. Scott is a 'doer' like I am, and this book is a good one for us to read together right now. Its rather startling to read things like, "Why do you think you have this book in your hand right now?" I'm impressed with Scott getting up and running each morning since he's been here. He found a bed on Craig's list for free, which we went and picked up. Its a practically new bed, I couldn't believe it was free! Scott is getting things done. It was Scott who took the wonderful photo for the post card as I've previously attested to. We are already getting great feedback on the post card. We talked this evening about how important the quality is of each element of the production. This is what will set you apart. Our post card and image will set us apart from most, I think. 

I think I can almost sleep now, but lastly, I wanted to let you know that our website is up and running for ticket sales. Where ever you are now, you can look at the arrangements for the shows, and pick one that you like if you are coming here to see it. I will keep reminding people that they can now buy the tickets online. Some people like to plan way ahead, and this allows you to do so. The tickets are fifteen dollars if you buy ahead, and eighteen on the day of the show. Plays 411 is the ticket broker, and they take a portion of the sales for providing the service. I can't figure out how to link it here yet, so you may have to play around searching for it, but I will figure it out. Its kind of cool to go there, though. 

I've changed the rehearsal times with David Fofi to 1:00 in the afternoon now that we are not doing the other play. This will be amazingly helpful, except I have a six hour rehearsal block contracted, I'm going to get lots of rehearsal! Good night, er, good morning. I realize I owe so many of you a response. Please don't take it personally if I haven't gotten back to you, its an energy thing right now, once all this pre-production tasking is done, I will have a little more time to respond and thank you for your kind comments, and believe me, they are lending lots of support! 


Pamela said...

It sounds like you are moving right along. And quickly, too! Sounds like Scott is very good company for you. I'm glad you have him with you.
Get some much needed rest today!

Gerry said...

I am glad Pamela is giving her imput as she is a very good nurse and would be more aware of health and rest issues than most, and glad that Scott is there with you, as you said, making you feel less alone as you take this project further toward opening. You need his youthful vitality to lean on. I will be looking at the schedule so I can try to sychronize with others when Dan and I decide we can come. Mom

Chuckh said...

Wish I was there to pitch in. God Speed, Raymond!

DB said...

Turning thoughts into words and words into deeds is the alchemy of theatre after all, isn't it?

DB - Vagabond Journeys