Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kurt Arrives

Kurt arrived last night on the train, today we start rehearsals as a unit. The past several days have been a whirlwind. Along with an unusual heat wave, there has been much to do. Saturday, however, I worked here at the apartment and watched the Arizona Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers. It was quite the game. I'm looking forward to this weekend's game, and hopefully, another Cardinals win. 

Sunday, it was in the low eighties, so Scott and his friend Kaori and I, hit Zuma beach for the afternoon. It was a perfect beach day, not to crowded, and lots of sun. We drove home through Malibu Canyon and picked up some barbells I left at Kent's. Monday and Tuesday, I worked here at the apartment and prepared for the rehearsals this week. Although I haven't been depressed, I've been a little down, I think because I need to get some momentum for this project going again. The post cards are supposed to arrive today, and so will begin the promotion and gathering an audience. Of course, it is going to be a challenge to get people to come to see one person performing on stage. In five weeks, we will see how well we have done. I'm glad Kurt has finally arrived, still, its another set of circumstances and a new change. His will be positive, as he brings lots of energy that I am needing right now. I'll try to write more this evening. I'll do a short walk before rehearsal, and hopefully this will begin a new series of walks. (I still haven't found my walk pattern at this new location) Oh, once again, Scott came through with a practically brand new futon for, yep, you guessed it, FREE! 


Gerry said...

I am sure momentom will build as you rehearse, send out postcards and the performance begins to seem more like a reality on schedule to happen. It is always a leap of faith to believe in a play, this is the first time you have not been surrounded with a supporting cast, which must make you feel more on your own, but it is an experiment to see what will happen when this seems the best way to go. I know there is a story there that only you can tell so we are on board to see what happens. I know Cheryl is making plans to come and asked Ann if she wanted to ride down. Right now Tom is fighting an infection but Ann has expressed the desire to come, too. So people are getting ready to make a trek to see someone attempt something unusual and extremely difficult. That in its self tells us there is some confidence there that this play can be made to be compelling. I know Kurt's presence will buoy you up too. By the way look what an act of faith it is going to take for the Cardinals to believe they can beat the Eagles this weekend, but I think they have been counting on dramatic performance. They knew they had to pull all talents together and they did it! Great theater. And they have astonished the football world in doing it. Nobody knows if they can wrestle the Eagles to a win. M.

annk said...

How can you help not being excited?
I would love to come down with much fun is that? She doesn't know just who will want to come or can come. Tom is having another leg infection and is planning to get teeth pulled...which are not in good shape, so I'll not commit yet. I wonder if I could drag Robert and Lana to a performance? Robert would make jokes, that's for sure!
All is up in the air...Cheryl may be flying down herself. She is making the trip!
I love that you are settled and having rehearsals. Scott is nothing but creative! Getting famous is no easy road. Even a little famous.