Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Photo Shoot and Curtains'

Scott and I have been working the last two days virtually without stopping. Monday, we went into downtown Los Angeles and shot over two hundred photos. We walked the streets, stood next to buildings, scouted locations, and finally, 'got our shot'. This took all morning and afternoon. Then, we downloaded the pictures and narrowed down to three. Finally, we selected this photo I'm posting at the top of the blog. This morning, we got up and began to work on the graphic art and the 'copy' for the post card, which is almost done! While Scott was 'photo shopping' the photo, I was generating the copy, registering our play with Plays 411 to facilitate ticket sales, and writing the new press release. 

Downtown Los Angeles is really amazing! I didn't realize the vibrant pedestrian culture there. When you are in the deepest part of it, you would not know it from Midtown Manhattan. We hit Los Angeles Street, Broadway, (the old theatres and hotels are really cool), The L.A. Arts District, The Fashion District, (get an italian suit for $39), and finally the Fabric District, where we 'haggled' nine yards of fabric. We got lots of looks, smiles, and conversation via Scott with camera, and me 'cowboyed up' with guitar and bag. It was a near perfect day, and as I said, we 'got our shot'. 

Plays 411 is an organization here in Los Angeles that provides theatre services. We are using the organization for two primary purposes. First, as I mentioned, we are using their wonderful ticket sales organization. By tomorrow evening, you will be able to purchase your tickets for 'Bohemian Cowboy'. You will be able to do this with a telephone call or on the website they will create for us. I will write when I have that information. Secondly, we are using their public relations department to facilitate all of the media contacts. They take the press release I've written, edit it, create a press packet, and then send to all the media outlets to get us listed in all the newspapers.  I also decided to do an extra bit of PR, by having them also do a follow-up as we get closer to the show. I am on a new learning curve here, and it is exciting. I'm learning so much! 

The nine yards of cloth we 'haggled' for was to cover our cold windows. I showed Scott my theatre technique of making curtains quickly and theatrically, (I've done this so many times an hour before the opening of a show!) I won't tell you exactly how its done, but it does involve duct tape. We covered the biggest windows last night, tonight we will cover the rest of them. It has been rather cool down here, so its good to get the windows covered, you would not know these curtains were not 'the real thing'. 

A word about the photo we selected. The photo is perfectly symbolic for the show. The cowboy on the move across another street, alone with his belongings and guitar. His walk is direct and determined. The people walking towards him are the audience. The street sign (you can't see in the smaller photo, is Los Angeles Street), and finally, the most obvious blue sky against a cepia structure, where he is headed. I wanted the direct blue of the sky to look like the sky in Boulder, Utah, surreal and deeply beautiful. It is the only color in the photo.  There is more symbolism, but I wanted to tell you some of the discussion between Scott and I as we decided on this one. It is alive! Feel free to find your own interpretation of the photo. I would love it! 

Tomorrow, I will get to the theatre at 5:00 p.m. to start rehearsals. Even though Kurt (the director) will not be here until next week, I will begin a general 'blocking' of the first couple of movements. I will also begin to play through all of the songs, and to create a couple of new ones. It won't be long! 


Cheryl said...

I love the postcard. I want to learn how to do this sepia with the beautiful color sky. Maybe Scott needs to come and hang out with me for a time. This is definitely the right picture.

Gerry said...

Very interesting stuff here. I am glad you and Scott worked together to get this play publicized. I just love getting the inside play by play description of how you are doing it. I know you always love creating the postcards to let people know about the show. Mom

Grace said...

I like how everyone is carrying "their own baggage."

Pamela said...

I had interpreted it that the Cowboy is in a big city, very crowded and busy. He's not used to this and does not like it. His goal is to head back to where he came from. The open plains and blue sky. So that's why he's packed to leave, and heading toward the blue sky...leaving the big city behind.
I'm really enjoying reading your detailed entries about how you are getting this play underway. I look forward to seeing you perform.