Monday, November 24, 2008

Space... the final frontier.

Scott called me today, he has been scouting locations for our endeavor. He found several in the downtown arts district--one is especially promising, I will go look at it tomorrow. I have decided that it will be better indeed to inhabit the space where the project goes up. That way, we can be there whenever we want. There are enough people working on the project that will enable us to build out risers, flats, and if the photos of the space are correct, there exists a stage in the space. After building out so many spaces, I'm of the notion that building the space ads to the excitement, and, we can set it up the way we want it. I don't know if I mentioned that we are also doing my play, 'Blue Baby, A Memoir', as well. Kent will be playing James Ray King, the cornerstone of the play. This way we can keep the space open five days a week for the month of February and part of March. The owner of the space seems like he will work with us to give us the space for three months. So, December will be the continued re-writing of the play, pre-production and design. In January we will inhabit the space and go to work. Very exciting. 

As always, this is a strange time of the year for many people with the holidays coming up. It is also the time of the year when Dad disappeared, now three years ago. When I write those words, I still get a lump in my throat, knowing he's still out in the desert somewhere. I'm hoping this work will honor him, as well as other members of family and friends. 

I'm getting used to my little room in Silver Lake, This is the fourth move I've made this year, and it looks like there'll be one more. I think if there is a hell, it will be a continual moving from one place to another.  I do wish I would have brought all my tools, perhaps I'll have to make a trip to get them for the build-out. I'm really tired today, I think with the driving, the moving, and shuffling my feet towards the project has finally got to me, so I'll try to take it easy for a day or two. Yesterday, I went to Kent and Nancy's house for some football and some music. There was a friend of Nancy's there, Carla, who is this amazing musician. We were able to collaborate on some songs, and it felt good to play again. I've been playing everyday since June, with the moving I've missed my sweet little martin guitar. Carla has two records out with Arista, so I felt It was a rare treat to play with her. I'm feeling tired but oh so optimistic. Once again, faintly, I can feel the energy out there, once I make a deal for the space, its ON ladies and gentlemen. 

Thanks to everyone coming to read and support, I'm just starting to get to some of the other blogs, but it will be a process. Some of the blogs I notice I can not make a comment on, some I can't even read. I'll pick up my knowledge in due time... thank you. 

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Gerry said...

So you are carpentering again. Now your project is really beginning to sound exciting with 2 plays going up while you are there. I do think "Blue Baby" deserves a run, too, and I think Ken will do a good job! It does take time to get to know people and their blogs. Margie happened to hit my blog when they were housecleaning or something, and that message stayed fixed on her computer. Katie told her to slip in the back door, and it is true, you sometimes have to fool the computer. Anyway am much enjoying your blog depicting your progress. It is fun to read a blog about a space, a play, a move, a big city, finding the workers, the actors, the musicians, and the audience! Mom