Tuesday, November 25, 2008

929 2nd Street.

Today I went down to the L.A. Arts district and looked at space and wrote down numbers. Because of the economy, the housing market has dropped 26%, which is really good for us. This space, 929 2nd Street is really promising. It's 2400 square feet and is already beautifully built out. One side is a large room, just enough to do intimate theatre for about fifty people, and the other side is a beautiful living space with a bathroom and a half and a stainless steel kitchen. There's even a fire place on the living side! It's perfect for us. I made an offer on the space for three months, I should hear the next day or two.  I'm really stoked about this space. The L.A. Arts District is the coolest place. Wider streets, lots of parking spaces, (especially in the evenings) restaurants, coffee spots, and galleries. I saw two theatres down there as well. I still have lots of other spaces to look at, but I can't see them being better than this one. I met Vanessa, who lives and works down there, for coffee. She was really encouraging bout the scene there, as well as our project. So, today is a good day. 

I'm encouraged about the next four months, I think it will be an unforgettable experience. I do feel like the gambler, ready to put everything on a couple of plays. Its somehow very exhilarating. I drove around down town L. A., it has changed a lot from years ago. I think I'll stay in for the rest of the day and work on the script, rain is on the horizon, two days from Thanksgiving. I also drove down Sunset Blvd. to West Hollywood. Its interesting, driving down Sunset, there is a feel of so much history and show business. Recording studios, record stores, restaurants, tattoo parlors, coffee shops, and energy. I found the Samuel French bookstore, I think I'll go there tomorrow. L. A. doesn't seem so daunting today, as I have a good idea of where I'll be a month from now. 

I found an old song in my composition book, I think I'll work on it this after noon, 

God bless the blues I stood behind/
morning shakes and rainy skies, 
But the angels they've been oh so kind/
still its bitter cold/and I'm feeling old/
Driving blind/ feel the wind again/
don't ask me where I've been/
its all in the not knowing/
to ask me were I'm going/
and I know my age is showing/

I took you by the hand/ and oh we ran/
into the night /we made our stand/
But darlin' we both knew it wasn't right/
you and me/filling up with lies/
me an expert/on the subtle ways of flight/

you'll forgive me in a year or two/
you'll thank the Gods it wasn't you/
that I was grafted to/
there are days when I will ask myself/
what she's doing now/
and pretend I'm thinking how/
it used to be/
there are corners I've been looking around/
I see you walking on the town/
all bundled up in sweaters/
thinking about those letters/

I'm back down in L. A. again/
letting freeways wear me thin/
Silver Lake and whiskey ghosts/
pretending I'm not on the coast/
alone again/

This is a good rough draft to start a song. I wish I could say it was happy, but that's the way it goes...


Gerry said...

Love this entry. Caused me to reminisce about some of efforts down there to get a toe hold in the theater world. I also love the words of the country blues song. Glad you are beginning to enjoy living on the edge in Los Angeles! Mom

annk said...

I find it so exciting to begin starting a new project in a place things happen. It takes nerve to start over. I am nervous for you!
I loved the country song. Keep singing.

TJ in Boulder said...

Thanksgiving Day in Boulder with low grey clouds and a mix if rain and snow. A large flock of geese are resting in the field across the road and it is quite a sight when they rise up and form a flight line. We are truely excited by your project and the space (we hope) you have found. We miss you and hold you in our hearts while we give thanks and indulge in a fine meal.
Keep pushing that rock up the hill and we'll see you when you come back home.
Thanks for the blog so we can follow your progress. T&L