Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today, I moved into a room in a beautiful house in Silver Lake, ironically a half a mile from where I lived when I was seventeen, in my Aunt Linda's house. Silver Lake is strategically located near Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles. I have now hired my cousin Scott, and former student Alex to do the leg work for the space. We have mostly decided that we will rent where house space in the downtown arts district, and put up our own theatre. It sounds a little intimidating, but all of us are handy with tools. Alex owns a lighting and sound company and has decided to associate produce, so we are covered there. I've recently found out that the Hollywood theatre scene is mostly a competitive bunch who put up plays as showcases showing their acting skills. I am not interested in showcasing.  I want to put something up as a love of labor. I want to put everything I've learned into this production, and controlling and inhabiting the space is the best way to bring an energy to it. 

My small but efficient room is beautiful, and has all the things I need to get ready for pre-production. I have wi-fi, a microwave, a small refridgerator, and access to the kitchen as well. There is an outside patio off the room which is quaint and beautiful. Although I'm getting tired of moving my things from place to place, I'm glad I'll be here for at least a month. By the end of the month I'll have rested and be ready to move into the space. Tomorrow I'm going to meet Vanessa, a friend of Kurt's and someone familiar with downtown and the burgeoning art scene there. I'm hoping that she can lead me to the place I'm looking for. I have noticed with a slumped economy, people are really willing to work with you on prices and such, and are very persistent in calling and wanting you to look at the space. We'll see, there is time to get the perfect situation, or better said, the situation that  is right for us. 

Yesterday, I went for a long walk on the beach. While there I was watching the gulls walking (or standing rather) all along the shoreline. They seemed to me so very weary. All standing there waiting for something, their ebony eyes clouded over from flying and walking and searching for food. For a moment, I found my hope in realizing although yesterday was daunting, I persisted anyway. I found this beautiful room, and felt the anguish of the gulls. Last night, Kent worked on my body, giving me a massage that he does to his clients called Thai Yoga. It was painful, but when he had finished, my body felt so much better and I slept through the entire night. So, my journey continues on the pain front, learning a different way of looking at pain and treating it. Walking, massage, yoga, and nutrition, all things necessary to a healthy lifestyle. I'll need it to perform. I've done those two hour shows where I was on stage the entire time. It's not easy to maintain that kind of energy for a full two hours. Of course, these are things that the experts tell us over and over that we must do. Once again, the boulder up the hill.

Today, I'm still standing around looking at the boulder, but I think there is hope for getting it started up the hill. There is a spot on the east side where my shoulder will fit it perfectly, soon, I'll find out how heavy it is and what I'll need to move it. Until then, I'll gather others who will help me move it. 


Gerry said...

Needless to say I enjoyed this entry a lot, and the phone call. Sounds like being down was just part of tackling a huge big city after many years away with the intent of doing theater! Doing something challenging makes the world go around. Your brother Dan was telling me at lunch today that unless people experience fear they don't come alive, they stay in a a rut. I know you always feel some fear with a new big theater project, whether you will find an audience, but the process is something to conquor! Staying alive! Mom

annk said...

gsI am fascinated with your new changes, new home, and what you are trying to do. Only you would take on such a Herculean task of building a theatre from the ground up. I always feel a little alarmed when you talk about your depression when teaching...I think this new life might fit you better!

i don't want to fade out
i want to fade in.

Shurtz -- I've been having this weird urge to write you lately, a lengthy letter going through the same old Kayla ramblings of my current discontent and just how precious of a mentor you were to me, and so on and so forth, but I have been pretty drained myself... And then, today, fumbling around on Facebook, I discovered that you moved to L.A. and thought, "That's it!" It's almost as if I felt your presence here on the west coast! I look forward to reading your blog and staying up to date with the progress of your play and your days in what I can now for good reason call the City of Angels.

Take care,

Pamela said...

I'm glad you are getting settled and are feeling more comfortable.