Saturday, November 28, 2009

'Two Hundred and Fifty Million Reasons to be Grateful'

I survived my strange day. Its reasonable to think that if one has a day like yesterday, the ensuing day will be...much better, and it is. I will refrain from to much 'dog talk', as I now have found myself in the strange position of lauding the salvation of having a dog, I'll just say she was great to have around yesterday. Although, (last dog comment) she is presently in the cab of my truck covered with mud from the dog park, (its become her truck to do as she pleases with it) so I don't know how I'll feel when I finish here, and find out what I'll find there.

Once again, I've been continuing with my 'direct marketing' campaign. As I've said before, its probably more difficult to get a person into the theatre than it is to any church. Still, I persist in my quest. The people here, however, always seem interested in looking for something interesting to do. I'll let you know what my campaign yields. I've been giving out the 'two for ones' , so I'll be able to tell if they work, (they have to bring that post card to the theatre) perhaps my ploy will yield a 'trickle effect', and I'll eventually have to turn people away!

Another interesting parallel to my already fractured dimension. Yesterday, in my 'funk', I happen to have a 'Vanity Faire' magazine that Lucy had given me, (Penelope Cruz on the cover had nothing to do with it), okay, well some. Anyway, I fell into reading an article about, the lawyer and ponzi scheme artist, Michael ______. (I'm not hiding his identity, I just can't remember his last name.) Anyway, I found my palms sweating as I was reading this article, especially at the end of the piece, as he was impersonating people at meetings to fool them into thinking he was whoever they needed him to be, finally getting caught in his own web and falling. He had only bilked two hundred and fifty million, but for some reason, it seemed more fascinating than the Maddoff fall. I thought, this would make a thrilling and timely play, (and it would, except I'm probably not the writer for it). Like Tony Soprano, I found myself somehow rooting for this guy, even though I knew he was breaking the law. (He was actually stealing from 'hedge fund' investors, so I somehow didn't feel as bad for them). Maybe there are many of us who feel that the ultra wealthy, and the finance wizards have ripped us all off. I do find myself thinking, the actual number of wall street brokers, investors, and CEO'S who have broken the law, taken large bonuses, and generally 'hedged' their bank accounts, we will probably never know, (we can't put them in jail, who would run the country?)

I suppose when we are on a narrow ledge and feeling somewhat anxious about the future, its natural to wallow in someone else's misfortune, and I'm not advocating this, I'm only pointing out that yesterday was a bad day, but I wasn't getting busted for stealing 250 million dollars. See, even my sense of logic has taken a vacation. I guess its all relative as 'they' say. Who are these people? I mean the 'they', does anyone know this committee? It would be much faster to just ask them up front, avoiding the cliches from having to go through the experiences first. I guess the lesson is, 'count your blessings', ('they said it') 'keep the faith', 'deplore weakness' (Oh wait, I'm sorry, thats a corporate cliche, we know that committee). Okay, enough on ranting against the leaders of the free world.

Tonight, Rustin and I are being taken by Donnie and Lucy to 'The Mean Eyed Cat', a tribute bar to Johnny Cash. I'm excited to go, as Johnny was always an interesting person to follow and listen to. I'll let you know how that turns out.


Lastly, there are some people I don't know if I thanked publicly for their support and help. (If I leave you out, I'll get around to you). I don't know if I thanked Rich and Carissa in San Francisco. They were amazingly supportive, (Carissa came to three of four shows) and the accommodations were perfect. Also, on that trip, Aunt Linda, who was the best tour guide and hostess ever! Thanks to my sister in Phoenix, who made my short stay there most comfortable, (she also introduced me to the possibilities of west coast swing dancing, which rocks!) I can't leave out her husband Chad, who is always great to be around. I also want to give a thanks to Rustin Reber, who left home and family to come to Austin to run my lights, sound, and media for the show. He is doing a first class job, and its always great to hear this amazing guitar playing throughout the house. There are many others who belong in the 'credits', but Johnny Cash calls. (Insert your best Johnny Cash song here). Goodnight. Mom, I'll get to you on your ideas tomorrow... I really did like them, but don't know if I'm ready for Phoenix again. In fact, I know I'm not, but perhaps in the future...


Gerry said...

Well, I didn't know if you would be ready to return to Phoenix but it is always good to imagine that many people are interested in your progress as an artist, and who knows where this transformation will lead. In the meantime, life goes on where ever you are and there are things to do and places to go. Dante is coming over to spend a few hours or maybe the night. Haven't seen him yet durng the holiday, but have spaghetti ready for him. The best home made pasta that he loves. And cheese curd. Reminds me of the cheese factory where Mom used to make cheese. That will be our night. said...

I am glad to find you back to your old, more optimistic self and letting the theatre happen. I think it is very true that breaking into the artistic scene is no mean task. The known get known and known and known. I'm always glad to hear about the 'Precious' few that are suddenly there...but they do happen.
Hang in there and tell us about Johnny Cash!

Pamela said...

I would love to see that Johnny Cash bar! I hope you had a good time.