Thursday, June 18, 2009

'Cowboy Jesus and the Jackson Pollock set'

I've been wanting to blog for several days now, but when the wind blows, the wifi comes in and out. I have a strong signal this morning, so we'll give it a whirl. Yesterday was an exciting day in 'Bohemian Cowboy's' history. My brother Dan breezed into town, and we finished the 'touring' set. We created two huge ledges, one fourteen feet high and the other twelve. I wanted the audience to feel the grandeur of these sand rock ledges, and I think we accomplished that. We did our best Jackson Pollock treatment,  in sand, coral, and reddish brown. They look pretty damn good for a couple of boys  going at it with some rags, a couple of paint brushes and an old sponge. Once we assembled them, (in the wind and rain) Robert Owen came and helped build the supports for the backs, (the show is outside so they had to be free standing.) 

Okay, now we had to get them up to Anselm's which is a 'four wheel drive' road. My neighbor, mentor, and damn good physical therapist, Tom Jerome came down and helped us load the set, the sound equipment, lighting equipment, and tools, to take them up on the beautiful rock mesa that is Anselm's home and theatre. Only once did I think, "What in hell am I doing?" The show, however, is almost sold out with pre-sale tickets. How are those people gonna get up there? Will there be enough seating? Is it gonna rain? Will the meatballs be done in time? Will I remember my lines? Will the set hold up in a wind storm? Of course, I'm really not to stressed about all of this, I'm learning that there are things that I can't control. Boulder is a great place to be taught that, especially where nature is concerned. 

Last night, after we got back home, I did the whole show on the lawn outside of the abode, and went through the 'sound' with my brother. It was the first time I've run the show with all the changes to the text, but it went pretty well. At least I know the structure of the show, if I drop a line here and there, it will still hold. 

Today, we will head up the mesa for load in, tech rehearsal, and run through, although I still see there are thunder clouds drifting through, and my google weather report predicts 'some' rain on Saturday, it could get interesting. The beauty of doing this show, (and the practical aspect) was to put together a package that I can tour with. I'm still envisioning my show in Austin, TX in the fall, but much has to happen before then. I have to raise money or find an investor. I need a newer truck, a ten foot enclosed trailer, two computers, and a shower. (hot water heater went out). But I am bolstered by the power of this show, and so I have to keep 'plugging away', believing that there is someone who can help me take it to the next level. I need to do about twelve weeks in Austin, so that I can build a good word of mouth. 'Bohemian Cowboy' is an Austin kind of show, I know it! While I'm doing the show there, I'll build the links to other cities and towns. The show will eventually 'make money' but I have to take it to another place. I need a venture capitalist, or I need to find a big gold nugget out in the yard. Both are long shots, but hell, I've been betting 'all in' chips for quite a spell, don't look like much is gonna change in this life time. 

Its been great having my brother here, not only to provide the show with some real technical savvy, but to tell stories and analyze the world, the state of the union, and of course, the family. My brother has a 'killer wit', and an easy going manner. He's a joy to be around. Of course, he's had to get used to the new addition to the family, 'Baby', (the little pup who will bite anything that moves or not...). They have become friends, I think. Its been great fun, taking him around and introducing him to the great people here that I've come to know. 

Friday night, we are setting up sound for The Redhouse Farm open house. The Redhouse Farm is a place here in Boulder that used to belong to my Aunt Nethella, my Grandfather's sister. According to the history of the place, it was her and my Great Grandfather, John King, who built the house. The newest owners, Scott and Brinn Brodie, are amazing people. They are turning the place into a first class farm, with crops, and chickens, and the like, you can feel the energy of the place as you drive through Boulder. Friday night, I'm expecting all the musicians from the area to show up and play, 'down on the farm' music, and kick up their heals. We'll see who shows up, but you never know. Anymore, I half way expect Bob Dylan to show up for a couple of songs, this place is electric and magical. 

I feel a little out of touch with messages and people that have encouraged me, but I'm sure I'll have time to answer letters and the such as soon as I feel I have the events of the summer in hand. THERE IS A LOT GOING ON! Be patient, and I'll get there... I have been following and reading blogs, that is until my online connection arbitrarily goes off. I'll let you know how the show goes, its gonna be exciting! Talk soon. 

"The story you want to hear is usually the one that doesn't make any sense..." 

Quote from 'Bohemian Cowboy', said by the cowboy jesus who shows up in the desert.


caroline said...

Looking forward to the show... maybe we can try our hands at cloud shoving? (vs. cloud calling)

Gerry said...

I just got through making my becoming famous potato, corn off the cob, green bean salad for Dante. This time the roasted poblema peppers are hot, but he still agreed it was the best potato salad he ever ate and I am sending his Mother a container who is working very hard as a maid right now. The dressing is olive oil and wine vineger with dijon mustard flavor, and chopped chives. It takes quite a while to make, but it is worth it. I am down to Doc's giving him his. I decided I had to get more active down here in the scorching desert to survive, so am going to a tenant's meeting. The war will pep me up but I can take it now that Dave is hanging on to this home in the WHo by his fingertips. Well, I probably made you hungry but am glad you have got Dan to help you with all this. I really enjoyed this great blog entry. Keep them coming when you got time, so we can get in on all the fun vicariously if nothing else. Ann said Rolain was talking how she and Ann could get to the top of Thompson's ledge. As if Boulder is not bad enough you have got to make it even more of an adventure to see this show! Well, that's the fun of it.

DB said...

Good for you getting an audience already. I was chuckling over your questions. Will this happen, will that happen, will it rain? Let's face it, theatre doesn't work. It's much too complicated. There are too many things that can go wrong. Theatre can't work, it won't work and it hasn't worked for a few thousand years now.


LaRena said...

Well by hell, you made me homesick for Boulder. I really wish I was on top of Thompson ledge tonight. When will the video be for sale? Dan could knock that out in a thrice. I'm so glad he has that 'killer wit'. That will keep you from keeling over from sheer exhaustion. Knock em dead kid chocolate.