Friday, February 27, 2009

'Small But Enthusiastic Audiences'

The review finally came out in the actual paper, (LA Weekly) with a photo which was good. It was the featured review of the week, which was also good. It didn't exactly translate into ticket sales, but it did give us some clout at the theatre complex (where we do the show) and the publicist did an upgrade on our website, plays411.bohemiancowboy. We did the show last night to a very  small audience, still, this show could play to one person in the house. It was nice that the 'three people' who sat in the audience knew the story and knew the country I was referring to, so it made it especially nice for me to play to that house. I don't find a small house intimidating, and like another producer friend of mine said, "Its a new show and a one person show" a little hard to sell. It takes time and patience, so I am not discouraged. As this show gets stronger, I am convinced that 'they will come'. A big show, $150,000 (last I heard) is opening in the theatre next door to us. Can you imagine? There are two big television stars in the show, though, so I guess they can spend the money. The lead actor, (I can't remember his real name) but he played 'Artie' on the Sopranos, the guy with the restaurant, one of my favorite characters on the show. Its a little strange having him walking around the theatre, I want to ask him, "So, it Tony gonna do the movie?" (Tony from The Sopranos) "How's the restaurant doing?" But I don't, ask, I mean. 

Last night after the show, we went to Canter's (the famous Jewish deli) with Aunt Linda, Scott, Kurt, and Curtis and Diane Oberhansly. Curtis and Diane live in Boulder, and Curtis had seen the reading I did last fall. They were so gracious about the show, and so genuinely enthusiastic, it made me feel really good. They were a great support as was my Aunt Linda. So, the show moves along. Our little russian neighbor hood continues to hum along, Trader Joe's remains busy at all times, and March approaches. Spring is just around the corner. 

I think i mentioned that we want to take the show to Austin, TX in April. My friends Lucy and Donnie Payjack are working on 'the Austin connection' for us. She's been great about finding us possibilities in that town, where if you 'throw a rock', you will hit a musician or an artist. The only sure booking I have, however, is in Boulder, UT on Father's Day. I will be there for sure! 

Alright, it has to be short today, as there is much to do before the 'show hour', have a great day, and please, where ever you are, 'go see a play!' The theatre needs your support! 


Gerry said...

Well, it was only Thursday last night, which is always a hard sell, so the next few days may garner more. No, you do everything you can do to find an audience, and then you are happy with who comes. I think it is great that you have accomplished this much in such a short time in a city where you have not lived for years. You will be building audiences in Boulder and elsewhere with this show, and for more plays to come. An active playwright is always building audiences. And getting a favorable review published in the LA Weekly and pick of the week is going to stand you in good stead for years to come.

Jude said...

I want to meet your aunt Linda. I feel like I know her.

DB said...

Good going, Small houses are cool sometimes. At the Charles Playhouse in Boston, MA we did a Wednesday Matinee of A View From The Bridge for one old lady who had bought her ticket in advance by mail and it was pouring down rain. So we invited her to the front row and did the show. She loved it. We loved it.

Good luck with the run and the tour.

Hope you get to Austin. DB

Renee Simms said...

Loved the LA Weekly review. Will you be coming to PHX at all?