Tuesday, February 24, 2009

'Pick of the week' in the LA Weekly

Just wanted to let people know that the LA Weekly reviewed 'Bohemian Cowboy', and the review was spectacular--the reviewer got it! We were very fortunate to get this review since we almost cancelled the show, (Oscar night no reservations). We noticed, however, that there was one reservation, a reviewer from the LA Weekly on the reservations list. We scrambled a small but enthusiastic audience, (except for the old drunk harmonica player who fell asleep) and although feeling really beat up from the previous stretch of getting the show up, I gulped down a power bar and a banana and hit the stage. The show felt pretty good, maybe just a tad uneven (as Sunday shows tend to be) but we got through it. The next day, I was following up on where Plays 411 had listed up, and found the review online, (we didn't expect it until Thursday) imagine my supreme shock to read the review just hours after the show! In Phoenix, you always expected the review between five or ten days later, it was a new experience to read it the next day! 

Hurray! http://blogs.laweekly.com/ladaily/stage-news/stage-raw-bohemian-cowboy

So, we are now trying to figure out how to generate that review into seats sold. I'll be honest, up until now, the reservations haven't exactly been pouring in, but now there is a trickle. We will really work it the next couple of days.

After not being able to get my walking or working out in for the last couple of weeks, I finally walked last night and felt a semblance of relief from the weekend. I will have two more days to rest a bit before the weekend starts again, but am now a little more relaxed at the prospect of doing the show and feel now at least, we know what we have. I feel very humbled and grateful today. There is a part of the play where the son asks the father character whether he walked into the desert with 'intent'. The father replies that it is a question he can not answer, that the story and the mystery has to remain, as "its the only thing I could give you as an inheritance..." 
In a very strange way, Dad's disappearance has created a story that the reviewer uses as an allegory for the whole country, 'nostalgia to despondency', and I think he's right. My Dad's disappearance allegorizes so many ideas about life and death, memory and future, etc. 

I suppose there is a great healing process I feel from putting myself through the process of writing and performing this play, and rather than dread going to perform it, I'm starting to look forward to where this play will take me. I feel there is another journey coming my way, a journey that I can't quite see, but definitely feel. My original intent was to create a show that I could tour, and I think that has been accomplished. We will have to see where the next part of this goes... thank you so much for you support, you have no idea how important the component of this blog has meant in this process... 


DB said...

Good going with the review. Copy it, post it up (if they allow that sort of thing in LA) in places where people live who need to see the play. Paper the house if you need to as you did when the reviewer was there. Word of mouth is the best. I was in an Off-
Broadway show that played from May to November without the producer lifting a pencil to keep it going. It was the enthusiasm of the actors and the audiences that did it.

I think there is always a healing process when the work is important and authentic. I first got into theatre because of the language and the healing aspects of it. Sometimes the healing comes of things you didn't even know were injured. Break a leg with the run and the possible tour.

DB - Vagabond

Grace said...

Could I be anymore proud of what you are doing over there?

You are taking what could be something that drove you over the edge-beyond return and you are healing yourself, without inflicting harm.

Yesterday, an old coworker of mine was shot and killed by a man in obvious pain. He was homeless and killed someone trying to help him.

Imagine if he had taken his pain, his history and performed it live in front of an audience.

He could of inspired, he could of healed, he may have changed.

a million kudos to my best friend.

My cup runneth over.


LaRena said...

I felt absolutely elated when your mom sent the good news of your review. When I read what the reviewer had to say it brought tears to my eyes. He seemed to understand just what you have worked so very hard to portray. How great is that? So hard to get even a decent review for an original work of art and this went so much beyond that. Seeing the big picture and being sensitive to the subject matter. It probably is a gift from your father as well as the dream you had of telling his story with all the possible insight of one who loved him deeply in spite of the difficulties. Hooray for Raymond!!

Chuckh said...

Awesome, Raymond!

Gerry said...

I am really enjoying the comments on the good review, so far, especially DB's and Grace's. A critic can give a play a big boost, but as you implied on the phone, the performer must still drive the production forward to the end of the run. Ultimately the success of the show depends on him in this case, so you know you still have a big job to do. I had faith that you could rise to the challenge, but it was a big one. I read Doc what you wrote about the good review, and he wanted to know if you knew he was coming in March. I told him you said you would give up your bed to me one night, and sleep on a floor bed mat, and he pointed out who better than he to sleep on the floor since he lived in homeless shelters for years. He has promised to behave well, but he is pretty insane so who knows. I was willing to take his company to see this play as I didn't want to come alone. He said you can take us back to the Greyhound as soon as the show is over, if you prefer, as we can sleep on the bus back to Phoenix. I don't think he is up to more than a two day trip. Or we can take the bus or a taxi the next day. The bus comes to downtown LA so we must figure out how to get from there to your place. I wish you good performances this weekend with your Utah family coming. Actually this is a lot of fun. See you soon. Mom

Ann said...

I loved the review. It flowed with well-written sentences and wonderful comments about your work.
It was impressive, and so exciting to be about your show. I really hated not to be joining the group going to L.A.just for the fun of it...but I did see Shayna in her concert and will see her in her pagent. I will look forward to Boulder. I feel good myelf to have you recognized!