Tuesday, December 30, 2008

West Hollywood and a Thrift Store

I finally got moved into the apartment in Hollywood. When I say it isn't glamourous, I mean it, but it is spacious and most everything works. Its always a little nerve wracking moving again, but this will be home for the next three months. I had some trouble getting online here, but after going through 'tech hell', I'm up and running. I have been methodically going through 'Hamlet' for the second time, but since I've about beat Hamlet to death, I will give it a rest. Aside from the internet trouble, the second obstacle I immediately faced was the parking. Since just about every available parking spot in Los Angeles is used up, I was faced with a parking spot (that goes with the apartment) that not only faces an ally, but gives me about two inches on either side of the old chevy. Thank God for lots of backing up experience, because that was the only way I could get it parked, and that from a straight on position. Can you say ten-point parking? I have no idea whether I will be able to remove it from its current location. 

I went down to a few thrift stores today. I was looking for that vintage cowboy shirt, that vintage jacket, those old Tony Llama boots. The most famous thrift store here in Hollywood is 'Out of the Closet', but its isn't the best. I found one down the street that really rocks. Of course nothing fit me, (all men are small here I guess), but they had some amazing clothes. I didn't buy anything, I just looked. Then is was off to Trader Joe's for some frustration and grocery shopping. I'm glad I finally have a kitchen, in my other place I only had a micro-wave and a teeny fridge to work with. Now that I have a full kitchen, I can cook! Okay, I may be the only one, but Trader Joe's does not work for me. I need a grocery store laid out like a grocery store, with some stuff (not all) that will kill you in the end. I need real mayonaise, not organic. I need a big old head of iceberg lettuce, not stuff in bags! As you can see, my day has not been filled with thoughts and actions that are too exciting. Another move, another preparation day. 

I'm nearing the end of the Kerouac book. It is taking a sad turn with Jack's drinking and blackouts, still, I will hate to see this book finished. The thing about reading a biography, however, is the great references you come away with on the person. I know that the first book I will buy will be 'Mexico City Blues'. I already read 'On the Road' and 'Dharma Bums', but beyond that, I need to read some of Jack's poetry. This book is a real lesson on someone who wanted fame and notoriety, but when it came, it was a complete disaster. Talk about someone who really let fame kill him, it was Kerouac. Sad, sad, sad. 

I finally found some musicians at my Saturday meeting, and they invited me to 'jam' at the Venice Recovery Center tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it, although I've played here and there, it is not every day as I had hoped. In one week from tomorrow, I will FINALLY start to rehearse at the theatre. That will give me a new purpose, and get my schedule working as it should. Kurt will be down a few days after I start. I am tempted to come to Phoenix to get some of my things, now that I have an apartment, still, the more things I have here the more 'things I have here'.  I would just like a couple of my old paintings to hang on these very bare walls. 

Well, we'll make it short and sweet tonight, it seems a little mundane right now, but I have a new course to chart, and a new schedule to create. Of course sleep is always a problem in a new place. What happened to those days as a teenager, when I could sleep for days if I wanted to? 


Gerry said...

Glad to see you back writing, son, I knew you were going through a moving time, but you are an old hand at it, thank goodness, as I once was. I know you can find some new pictures down there somewhere to match your decor. Ha. I am really getting into this L.A. experience via your blog. Hey did you know your Aunt Margie finally got her blog up and running. You must have inspired her. She even put two photos in her side bar of Buddy, the little white dog. Check it out! How do you like my blog list. Pam, Nelishia, and one or two others are private so I can't put them on there, and Margie is private so far. She is the unknown blogger at the bottom of the list. You inspired me to do photos but pleasse e-mail me as to how you got your blog to take the name as well as the picture. Neat. I have been changing my big photo every two or three days. Guess you will have to do lots of AA for New Years, the drinkers Waterloo. Decided not to send you my DVD karaoke. Too bad. Check out my blog and it will tell you. Gary slept through Xmas dinner. He promises to come by this weekend when he is set to work overtime downtown. They got a new job out to Goodyear. I feel the tension rising, the launching off coming, the rehearsing about to begin with a new script, de' ja voo! M.

Grace said...

you have to buy an old thrift store picture.

you have to.

it's a marking point in your life.

then you can look back and say hey, I was writing and performing one of the best plays of my career when I bought that for an old aparment I had on the west side of hollywood. (insert laughter)god i loved that place, except that my truck was stuck in parking lot for 6 days and I had to carry the old photo back home.

on my back.

good to see you again!

annk said...

Good to have you moved and back to writing again. That kitchen can serve many a cup while the words flow out. Keep us posted on how the practice on stage goes...and all the singing. Gerry must be getting the bug with her singing videos...too bad she isn't a wonderful singer. Too bad I'm not.
We can look forward to our next life!

Pamela said...

I'm glad you got moved in and settled. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

larena hall said...

love your new apartment. It reminds me of the first one we had in Phoenix. Big but UGLY. We did have a place to park but somebody in the complex wanted me to run them some place everyday. I was used to the country where you just did stuff like that without a thought. Finally I realized my gas bill was bigger than my rent. And oh the fights next door keeping my sleep away. When I moved they wanted to keep my deposit because two ice cube trays were missing. They never were there in the first place so I threw a terrible fit until I got my money back, (which was more than a months rent also.)

Joss said...

Mr. Shurtz, if there's one thing i've learned about L.A. and Grocery shopping, Ralph's is your friend! Here are two located in Hollywood:

1233 N. La Brea Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 876-8790

7257 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90046
(323) 512-8382

As for coming to Phoenix and getting your things... Like I said, my mother and I are going to be making a trip out to L.A. in early March. I'd be happy to bring some of your things to you, if you'd like.