Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Waiting and Writing.

Last night I had a dream about Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady. My back was sore from sitting at my computer, so I took three advils, thus the weird dream. I was reading the part in the biography where Jack travels across the country to stay with Neal and Caroline Cassady, as he's writing and re-writing 'On the Road', and 'Visions of Cody'. I'm picking up in the book that Jack made journals that is probably the key to all the information this biographer knows and tells in the book. Its a rather sad and desperate period, (as so many of his are) as he's living in the attic of a small house with his typewriter  and a lumpy bed. Of course, when ever he is with Neal, his demons spin out of control, and the publishers are discouraging the publication of his book. 

When I went to sleep, I had a dream that they were both staying at my Aunt Renon's house, and I am very aware of the havoc they are causing, as the house is full of innocent people bottling and speaking softly to each other. Jack and Neal are both very drunk and want to talk to all the occupants of the house with 'mad talk', but oddly, everyone smiles politely as they speak their great ideas and go right on with the bottling. As it got late, I was trying to find rooms where they could sleep without disturbing the very real contrast of people/lifestyle of both parties. I kept moving them from room to room as I spouted out the history of the house and its occupants. Finally, the three of us left the house and jumped into an old truck which Neal was driving, wildly I might add, and as I yelled for him to slow down, they both laughed at me with crazy eyes. Finally the truck ran into a tree, and I was very angry at the both of them. Their are other parts of the dream, but more obscure. 

I think it must be the contrast I feel as I re-write the play, wanting to make it less disturbing for people less apt to grasp the more lucid drama of the play. The bottling folks versus the writers and artists. I suppose I'll look for the balance somewhere in between. I've never dreamed about characters I was reading about, perhaps there is a spirit here in prompt. 

This morning I got word that three directors are interested in directing 'Blue Baby', one in fact says he had a perfect vision of the play, which you would think wonderful, and it is, except now I have to meet with each one and make a decision on who it will be. I re-read the play last night and had forgotten what a 'tear it up' piece of theatre it is. It scared me just a little bit, that I wrote a play that is at once fiction and also the truth of my life. So, I'm waiting for two more phone calls, and setting up three meetings with directors, a nice problem to have. 

I've been memorizing as I walk through Silver Lake, its going well except I'm finding some redundant parts of the story, and exposition that has been left out. The writing is never done, really, I read where Tennessee Williams was re-writing 'The Night of the Iguana' when he died. I did find comfort though in believing once again that 'Blue Baby' is a finished piece of theatre. Two years and two productions to get it there, maybe the third production will be smooth. Walking and memorizing is a good combination, because when your endorphins are active, the brain retains the memory work. I read that, and I believe it works. 

I have to make a decision on the theatre today. I wrote the Artistic Director to find out about the parking. I can hire valet parking for the performances, which I will more than likely do, as I don't want people feeling frightened to walk to the theatre from a parking place far away. These are some of the issues that come up when you do a play. Who will do the box office? Who will stage manage? Do I need a stage manager? What does the press release look like? Lots to do, lots to think about, however, I've been on this horse before, I don't get as stressed as I used to. I'll take things as they come my way, but there are issues that demand that you take action. I'm in the thick of it, where I like to be. Theatre production is management and crisis management. No crisis yet, just the management. 

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Gerry said...

I know those bottlers and I know those writers and I was always going between the two groups, too, I suppose trying to strike a happy medium, because boy, was I a heavy bottler all throughout childhood. Your Aunt ReNon is still bottling but I swore once I left Boulder I would never bottle again if I could help it. And I haven't. There is lots of fresh food in the grocery stories that is even better for you, so I stay the old country girl by buying fresh vegetables as much as I can. To me, Jack Kerouac spectacular and horrible death of alcoholism was unfathomable. But he reminds me of drunks I have know from which I have tried to distance myself as soon as possible, including the French Candian Pierre who had such a similar background as Kerouac who came from French Canadian and Catholic forbearers and moved down into the states with other members of his family. Kerouac was so talentd but remained so out of control during his life. He never even had a period where he sobered up toward the end of his life and appeared to be more sane. Some dream reconciling such markedly diffferent sets of people in your background. M.