Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elephant Stageworks

So, today is an exciting day. Marie, from Theatre Planners, set me up with a meeting with David Fofi of Elephant Stageworks Theatre Co. It was a great meeting! David is the Artistic Producing Director of the company, and we worked out a deal to house both of the plays in his small intimate theatre. Its perfect for putting up both shows. He gave me a deal on the rehearsal space and the theatre. Elephant has a large following of people, so it makes sense to do the shows there where there is somewhat of a built in audience. The rest will be up to the people that are working on the project. We worked out details, rehearsal times, show times, tech week, publicist, and a director for 'Blue Baby'. I told him to give me a day to think about it. Kurt called from NYC as soon as I was outside, (a good sign) and was able to look at the space online while we talked about it. It isn't glamorous, but it has the energy of a theatre history which I was looking for. David is an unpretentious theatre guy, and has had some of the same career path that I have had. We spoke the same language. Wow! L.A.! 

I do want to remind you that all of this occurred from going to an A.A. meeting. That's really the cool part. I'm not sure why Marie was (is) so willing to help me, but she really went to bat for me. David did tell me that I probably wouldn't have been able to work there had there not been a down turn in the economy, the booking and theatre action has slowed. So, I'll talk to everyone regarding the project and then I'll make the deal. This means I'll have to also find a cheap place in Hollywood near the theatre, which I was hoping to avoid by getting both the living space and the theatre space as one. However, this way, there is no build out costs, and not as much with the other production requirements. In the end of this, I'll probably be broke and hungry, but I'll have a show that I can take on the road. 

As for the show, I've been making great progress on the over all structure and rhythm. I've been memorizing the parts I feel are finished, and finding the re-writes as the memorization comes to a stop. Great way to work. I send the script back to Kurt every couple of days, and he gives notes and its working. Kurt is a great dramaturg, (someone who analyzes scripts) and we've done this seven or eight times before. He seems excited about coming out in January to work on the project. I called Kent earlier in the day and let him know that if I make this deal for the theatre, 'Blue Baby' will go up. We are getting the buzz going. 

I slept last night, but not the night before, so I missed yesterdays blog. I'm still trying to read blogs of the people that are commenting, but I also have to reserve my energy to work. I can't do all of it, but as things ease up again, and I feel that I'm secure with having a space, I will be able to 'do it all'. Thanks again for the support and the comments, they are life affirming. Let's do a show! 


Gerry said...

This is so exciting, just what I would have hoped for you. Luck is with you. Linda's sign is the elephant so she would say the elephant is a good sign. Mom

Pamela said...

How exciting!! I'm so glad you found a place! I'm really looking forward to seeing the show.

caroline said...

Go, Raymond!