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Guest blogger: Gerry Hitt: In the aftermath of the extreme violence in Boston we ask ourselves, what is the purpose of people who do this?/teach a lesson?


Although I consider myself fairly left, and a democrat, I had to post this because of the parallels it makes, and the deep consideration that there really is powerful 'right thinking'. I disagree with several points here, but it's writing that does what great writing can do, change a perspective. It would be interesting to hear what you think.

Gerry Hitt's note post:

I am imagining the mindset of the bombers who must have been familiar with what happens when a bomb goes off that kills or injures a number of innocent people.  They undoubtedly thought America needed to realize there were people in the world who resented the relatively peaceful cities of this country as compared to the war torn countries where war has been waged by our country on distant shores.  I can imagine it could be the retaliation for seeking out and killing bin Laden as well as for as many more deaths of Al Quida as could be possible in Afghanistan.  

Or possibly someone with emotional ties to Iraq could have become incensed by all the violence that continues to plague that country.  I think well, what is the mindset in this country that might open the door to such attacks on the innocent in our own country.  The retired President Bush says he still believes in his war on Iraq, even though the consensus finally became that he gravely overextended our country's ability to wage war, both on the Al Quida in Afghanistan and on Saddam Hussein and Irag, another Bush President's arch enemy in the Gulf war.    

I am just reading a book now called "The New Leviathan" by David Horowitz and Jacob Laksin.  The sub-title is 'How the Left-Wing Money Machine...Shapes American Politics...and Threatens America's Future."  Having been a long time reader of a newspaper, Arizona Republic, and perceiving it as moving further and further to the left, these authors' contentions ring a bell with me.  David Horowitz also wrote "Party of Defeat" about the Democratic party voting for the war in Iraq (if reluctantly) and then turning on President Bush with a vengeance as no WMD were found and the war seemed less and less defensible.

I saw a leftist leaning press attack Bush viciously for this, even though they had not fought against this war which I did not believe at the time Bush should have started.  Not because Hussein was not a tyrant, but because he was an aging tiger who had not done serious harm in recent months, and without absolute proof of WMD a preemptive strike on Iraq seemed a case of overkill.  

I am not for violence or war unless the attack is so severe it would be impossible to expect the general populace to respond any other way as was the terrorists' attacks on the twin towers, resulting in so much loss of life as well as these two huge buildings.  At the same time, however, that the leftist leaning Democrat party used the Iraqi War to try to destroy Bush's credibility along with the Republican Party's they were supporting their own violent solution in legalized abortion by saddling the Democratic party with a pro choice platform, bound to alienate registered democrats like me not to vote for my own party's pro choice candidates any more.  The violence of war in Iraq the Democratic party now protested, but drew a blank when the support of legalized abortion was questioned, not only by many in the Republican party's more bible based constituents but by Christians in the democratic party. 

This is when we began to see a suppression of free thinking on the left which the authors, Horowitz and Lakskin, contend in this book "The New Leviathan" was done through big money, very big money, from the billionaires like George Soros, and giant tax exempt foundations we had come to believe were benign, until they began to be controlled more and more by left wing thinkers.  They also accuse the big universities of going left as infiltrated by professors who had a big influence on young students like Barack Obama at Harvard.  

I have been reading columnists across the land for years as printed in the Arizona Republic, New York Times, Boston Globe, and other big newspapers across the land and I contend that these columnists have succumbed to the pressure in order to keep their jobs and influence.  Fame becomes just as necessary to the famous as money to the very rich.  People tend to start supporting anything to keep their names well known and in the public eye.  Which is why they failed to report this troubling move to the left.  They would not even acknowledge it, a good way to become unimportant to that newspaper over night.  In other words, fall into line, or lose your job, as well as big money and fame.  

And that is why in our land today, a big trial is going on in which an abortionist, Gosnell, is accused of murdering many babies after they were born, simply because it was an easier way to do a late term abortion. Gosnell became the go to abortionist for late term abortions in PA just as Dr. Tiller did in Kansas.  Sibelius who is head of Health Services under Obama was the democratic governor of Kansas who supported Dr. Tiller.  She is the helping architect of Obama's health plan, with abortion I presume still being viewed as a woman's right.  

So we can see that democrats have now become very selective about what truths they support, abortion being a violent solution not one of them.  Instead it is a 'woman's right' and that is the way you better view it if you write for a left wing newspaper.  Which so many are now days, with billionaires having thoughtfully brought up such newspapers so they can control what is written in them behind the scenes.  

Yours truly did not make the cut as the subject of a story in the Arizona Republic for these reasons.  They were not going to do a story period on an abortion protestor as active as I am on the Internet.  I do not have fame or a big salary to lose.  I live in poverty and am thought to be therefore harmless.  But I brought the Arizona Republic to its knees, forced to kill a story on me for no good reason because I think and I can't be bought.  Sorry no news here.  We aren't interested.  

I do know this, violence is wrong, bombing innocent people is wrong and so is killing human beings in the first stages of life.  

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