Friday, February 26, 2010

'Call For Writing'

"It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time."

Sir Winston Churchill

Yesterday was one of those days. You know, the kind where you wake up a little confused and overwhelmed? I had to just put one foot in front of the other. It was a day when all my plans where changed by the universe, a day of unexpected variables, a day that left me exhausted. I have found a coffee shop near my house, however, where I can get up each morning and post what I have written the night or day before, which will help. Now that I am living in North Austin, all the contacts and places I'd found are further away, so I've had to seek out new ones.


Okay, I haven't commissioned any writing for quite a while, so, first, let me tell you what I am up to, and then the writing will make more sense. I want your coffee stories. I want anything that you can think of to write about coffee. I've started a new blog, Caffeine!, and I have big plans for it. In order to make my Caffeine! series a future success, I need to become an expert on coffee. Rather than just research, I want short stories about your coffee experience. It could be an anecdote, a story, a poem, a memory, a photo. I will post them on my new blog site. The blog site will link up to the Caffeine! website, and I plan on world coffee domination. I would also encourage a coffee shop review. For example, if you have a favorite coffee place, write why it is your favorite place. Say something about it. Have you had a coffee revelation while there? Have you seen God after your fifth cup of coffee while sitting in there? If you have further questions about this commission write and ask. I ask that your submissions be no more than 500 words. I ask that you email them to me rather than leave them in the comments. I will leave a couple of samples on the blog itself over the next several days. http://Caffeine! As for me, I'm going to visit three or four coffee shops (or houses) here in the Austin area a week and write about my experience. I know, this is a far cry from ranting about corporate corruption, (wait until you see my Starbucks review!) and the philosophy of living, I will continue with that on this site, but I expect to collect some great coffee stories from you. I hope that is clear, now, get yourself a cup of coffee, and start writing!

Continuing on with yesterday. Although it started out rough, it did end well. I went to a production meeting last night at Dillinger Studios, where I am going to be doing 'Bohemian Cowboy' on Friday nights. I also may teach a couple of acting classes there as well. The production meeting was about the video taping of a 'live' event this Sunday, which I've become a part of. Its part of The Austin Variety Show, and I'm hopeful that not only will the show have great potential, but that I can become involved and help in some way make it even more of a success. More on that as it evolves. Oh, and I also had a wonderful conversation with my ma, we solved many problems in the world that you are probably being effected by today. Don't worry, if things are a little strange for awhile.

On the job search. I've been walking the streets, filling out applications and waiting for replies. I'm trying to find something part time to survive, so that I can continue on the pursuit of the BC show, the music, and the series. I have a plan for all of them, but I have to keep them in the moment, and like Churchill says, make one link fit into the next one. If I can survive the next two weeks, I think I can make this work. I know I've said that a lot in the last few months, but there is a philosophy surrounding this idea. Smaller chunks of time for now allow me to live in today without getting to for out there into the world domination vision. Which by the way, on February 28th of 2012, I will have taken over the Western Hemisphere of the world. By the year 2014, I will have taken over Europe, Africa, and Greenland. The rest of it will be a hop, skip, and a jump. I urge you to get on board now, you can be in my world board cabinet, free coffee.

As for my little dog, Baby, she is sitting at my feet as we speak. Yesterday, we had a great visit at the dog park. I met a film maker, another musician, and a world traveler. Baby facilitated all of it. Oh, I was almost knocked down by a bull dog. It ran through my legs from behind me, unhinging one leg, but I caught my balance at the last moment. Advice: Bend your knees at the dog park. The only downside with Baby is that her long hair is always in full shed, it seems, and her hair migrates everywhere. I can be eating a sandwich, being very clean and careful, bite into it and find a long dog hair. Have no idea how it got there. I'm hearing all kinds of remedies from dog owners. The 'Ferminator' is one that I heard yesterday. It’s a very expensive brush that 'gets the hair' out. I guess there is even a 'pill' that you can give to keep the shedding from occurring. (Don't worry, I'm not doing this one). The 'Ferminator' sounds like something I need. If you have an old ferminator you aren't using, please send. I may be shedding as well, I wish I could take a 'pill' for it. Remember the days when men were shaving all their hair off? Was that the nineties? I missed all that, realized it afterwards, felt a little foolish, but not really. Keep your hair, but you may want to get a 'ferminator'. Have a great day. God, what a goofy entry…

Hey, I'm having trouble with the link to Caffeine! I'll get it fixed tomorrow, in the mean time, I'm posting examples here: This is just a little story. I'll post other forms as they come out. Remember, it doesn't have to be elaborate. I want it to be you. I'm excited!

The Press

Joe lifted the cup to his lips, then, hesitated. He lowered the cup down to watch the steam roll of the top of the cup, hesitated again, and then lifted it back to his lips. He finally took a sip, then let the top of the cup linger so he could smell the rich Italian coffee aroma.

"It tastes like heaven."

Lorna opened the cupboard and pulled down a plastic bag full of coffee beans from the top shelf. She was still in her bathrobe. She was always the first one of them into the kitchen. Joe would not stir from the bed until he could smell the coffee. She was already on her second cup, the thoughts of the day were already working their way through her brain. It was the second cup that helped her remember the things she needed to do the first part of the morning.

"Here, put this in your suitcase."

She handed the coffee beans to Joe, he immediately held them to his nose and inhaled deeply. Afterwards, he stood there, looking a little confused.

"Beans? How will I grind them?"

"A grinder," she replied.

Lorna walked down the hallway to the bathroom to finish getting ready for work. Joe took another sip of his coffee and then threw the beans on the table. He opened the door that led out of the kitchen in the smallish efficiency apartment, scooped up the paper and then sat down at the kitchen table. He looked at the headline. 'More Bad News on the Economic Front,' it said. He thought to himself, "ain't that the truth." He started to open the paper to the sports page, and then closed the paper and walked the hallway to the bathroom door.

"How will I get along?" He said through the closed bathroom door.

"What? I'm getting in the shower." She replied.

"How will I get along?" He repeated.

She opened the door. Steam was already beginning to rise from the shower. She looked at him, wiped a spot of strawberry jam from the corner of his lip.

"You'll survive." She shut the door.

Joe lingered, listening to the sound of the water change as it hit her body. He had never heard that sound before, the water changing it's course from the porcelain tub to the thump of a human being. He listened to her put soap her body, then the shampoo, and finally, the rinse. He put both hands upon the door, supporting his body as he leaned inward. He wished he had listened to that sound before this morning. When he heard the squeak of the faucets turning off, he returned to the kitchen table, opened the curtain and looked out into the tiny courtyard. All the plants were brown and dying. He lifted his cup, and poured the warm coffee quickly down his throat.

He stared at each plant. She had always watered the plants before, and now they were dead or in the last days. He hadn't noticed them until this very morning.

Lorna walked into the kitchen, scooped up the large Italian press coffee maker from the stove.

"Want another cup?" She said, setting it back down, as she lifted the twisted towel around her head.

"No, thank you. Did you know that all the plants are almost dead?" He finally said.

"I know, its some sort of disease, or worm, I think." She poured another half cup.

"Maybe I should take the press with me," He said, looking at it in her hand.

"No, Joe, I don't think so, my father gave this to me," She said, and then she walked down the hallway to the bedroom to finish getting ready for work.


Connie said...

I wish you success on your new blog venture. Here is a blog I get a kick out of -maybe you'll become friends and inspire one another...

Gerry said...

I sent a memory about working in a coffee shop on my favorite breakfast shift. I related to people who must find congenial people before they can drink their morning coffee. My life time motto is "Never drink coffee alone!' Doc calls his apt. Doc's coffee shop when he realized I could be enticed there every morning with hot coffee brewed just right, and he even calls himself 'the waiter' as he refills my cup, removes my breakfast dishes and orange peelings, and provides good morning conversation about what transpired on the family site, the morning news, and the weather. Only then am I ready to go forth and tackle the day. said...

I tried to go to your Caffeine website, but was told there was no such place. Was the one you posted right?