Friday, February 19, 2010

'Baby, Who's Running the Show?'

It's Friday in Austin. Today and yesterday were great days. I had a meeting with Troy_________ on Thursday, who has a studio and theatre space here in Austin. It looks like I'll be able to make a deal to put my show on each Friday night. I also think I'll be able to teach acting classes there, which will start to bring in some immediate income. I'm hopeful tonight. It's interesting with the show, I had resolved to 'put it away' for awhile, but now it looks like I'll be able to carry it forward. Although I'll have to go through the whole press release, advertisement, person to person etc. process, I'm ready to put the gloves on and get in the theatre ring again. I need your thoughts and support.

I really like Troy, he does a variety show here in Austin, which he broadcasts once a month. The most exciting thing about that is that he sells advertising, has a sales team, and knows exactly what I'm talking about when I 'pitched' the Caffeine! project.

I also got a call from Zane in Phoenix, (the DP on the Caffeine! project) with some news that he has some investors who are interested in the second season. It's getting real. I talked to Dan who is putting together a budget for the second season, and also talked to Kurt who has an entertainment lawyer in NYC who will put together the company, so it has a legal operating status. The biggest question will be where to shoot it, Austin or Phoenix.

When I came here to Austin, I knew that I was coming here to do three things. Do my show, 'Bohemian Cowboy', pitch and hone my songwriting skills, and find a way to do a second season of Caffeine! Last night, after a semi disastrous first night last week at Flipnotics (a coffee house) doing open mike, I came back again and poised myself in a position to get to the 'clip board' first. Without going into the details of my strategy, I will only tell you that I was the first to sign up. Not wanting to sign up first, I signed up third, which was perfect. I did three songs with great results and responses. The best thing is that they know me now, and it will be much easier to get a 'show' as time moves forward. I've put up a couple of ads on different bulletin boards looking for other singer/songwriters to play with, but so far, the phone has been silent. I will, however, keep pushing the music. I came home last night buoyant, already playing my next week's songs.

I've also been going through a lengthy application for a writing job with the Austin Examiner, (an online paper) so, for now, I'm excited about that. On other job front news, I've become friends with a woman in my apartment complex who works in a hospital. She has a several health issues, but she is always 'sunny' and optimistic, her, Baby, and I have become good friends. She is going to see if there are jobs available at the hospital where she has worked for a long time. She almost seems angelic, as she limps out to talk when Baby and I are out in the mornings. She is truly a wonderful hospitable Texas woman, who you can tell just wants to help. Of course, this morning, we talked all about the plane that crashed into the IRS building, which is just up the highway from where I live. I bought the paper, which had printed the entire letter the man who flew the plane had written. I was amazed at how articulate and sane the letter seemed. However, I can't imagine what must have been going on in his head as he drove his plane into that building.

Cheryl send me a wonderful poem written by Billy Collins about the Russian writers. I loved this poem! Billy Collins is such a plain speaking poet, and enables you to understand what he is writing about. He takes the last word of one of the novels and riffs about that last word… its wonderful. Thank you so much, Cheryl.

I realized today that my 'Baby', has truly become a bit of a 'baby', she has me wrapped around her paw, and she knows it. It became very clear to me that she is running the show. Although I don't often do it, there are times when I have to leave her at home. I know that she sulks, (she is such an actress when I leave, you know, the look?) but when I arrive home, she jumps up on my chest the first thing, and I have to tell you, it’s the most wonderful homecoming one could have, the love of a dog. There are never resentments for leaving, never anger from getting scolded. She is in a word, pure joy!

I picked up a 'chip' today, for those of you who understand what I'm talking about, and it felt good to have wonderful sober friends here in Austin. So, today and yesterday were great days, and as always, I'm forever hopeful.


Chuckh said...

I'm glad you've had such a positive fews days! And that the open mic worked out. Sounds like things are starting to fall together. Great news ahead. said...

Keep the creative fires burning and the paper hot! It sounds like breaks may come your way. That Babe is keeping you happy! My best.

LaRena said...

I was so happy to read your blog today and find that you have new and exciting possibilities. They are those strange and some times elusive things that keep us going. Full steam ahead you creative kid..(You'll always be a dear kid to me.)

Gerry said...

Enjoyed reading your blog today. I think the optimism that you express is a quality that has always endeared you to people by giving them hope. I think it carried you into a lot of creative projects that got people involved and excited. I call these people the catalysts who make things happen. I always look for a catalyst because I know that that person will always create excitement and you can share in it just by coming aboard and being a supporter and participator. So I am sure that as people give you the opportunity to do it, those qualities in you will manifest. And then people will always want to know what you are doing and read what you write.

caroline said...

So very glad for you. that chip is HUGE...