Friday, January 8, 2010

'Another Lame One'

I didn't get out of bed today until one. Allergies are kicking by butt. I have been made aware of 'red cedar' season, which is in full bloom. I didn't know I was allergic to this tree, but apparently, a lot of people are. Its still very cold in Austin, but beautiful, still. I'm beginning to worry about my check from Samuel French. Chuck sent me a christmas card, (with a gift) and that never came either. I found the address of the closest post office, and will have to pursue it Monday morning.

I had one of those mornings where I've been second guessing so many of my choices, of course, that can happen when one doesn't get out of bed. Tomorrow is another day. I was thinking about that Merle Haggard song, (add your own notes here) "If we make it through December, everything is gonna be alright I know, it's the coldest part of winter, if we make it through December we'll be fine..." (Okay, Merle, but in the song, it doesn't sound like its gonna be fine from the sound of your voice.) Austin is also in a funk because they lost the National Football Championship to Alabama, maybe I'm also catching some zeitgeist. I'd forgot the game was even on. They used to have everything over by the 2nd or 3rd, now they are trying to extend the holidays (and college football) just a little bit longer. In ten years, it will be towards the end of January. Oh, bore. I wish 'they' would just stop!

I don't really have much to say today, my head is to full of red cedar, but will write anyway, and maybe something will come up. I'm in partial denial about the decisions I have to make in the coming week, but for now, I'll just take it one day at a time through the weekend. I learned to really hit the ground running on Mondays, I don't know why I learned that, maybe just something I decided that has stuck with me. Oh God, I have no where to go with this today. Talk about feeling the funk! Oh, well, everyday can't be the freakin' National Championships can it? I'm quitting while I'm ahead today... I have nothing but facts, my heart is asleep, as is my brain. Adios, amigos, nothing today...


Gerry said...

I am wondering if you got my letter? Mom said...

That poor Texas Football team lost it's quarterback in the first few minutes of the game and the freshman took over. I thought he did rather well...considering. That certainly wasn't part of the game play! Hang in there..the moral of this story is a loss can end up being a win in some ways!
word bucke...bucke up!