Wednesday, July 8, 2009

'Preparation and More Event Execution, Wait, Did I Say Execution?'

I'm not adverse to writing these days, (there is much going on) its just difficult with my internet situation and, well, all that's going on!  The second show of 'Bohemian Cowboy' at Hills and Hollows' in Boulder went very well--different audience, different location, different stage, but both shows got wonderful reactions, (unless everyone is lying to me), and so I am optimistic about its continued success. I'm writing to you from 'Kiva Koffeehouse', where I'm booking a show. Its also a wonderful venue for the show, upon the cliffs overlooking the Escalante River--beautiful red rocks and of course, the river. Dan, (my brother), has been a tremendous help in pulling off shows that require lots of moving stages, sound and lighting equipment, not to mention the stage--its fun but labor intensive. 

So, a couple of minutes ago, I booked the 'Kiva Koffeehouse', as a 'dinner then theatre event'. (They serve amazing dinner here), I'm excited. I heard today that the Escalante Festival wants the show for the Arts Festival there--so there is some buzz. 

(new day) Yesterday was quite a day of planning and taking all the steps to get the Boulder Heritage Festival going. It will start a week from today, so there is much to do. Last night, I went to Salt Gulch for a recording session with Eric, that's going well, although there are those days recording that you question every song, sound, and lyric that gets recorded. You just keep plugging away--just like some of the rehearsals in LA, there were days I would walk away after rehearsing five hours and think, "none of this works, can someone get me out of this?" Its part of the program. 

Today, I have to finish the play that my young actors here are performing for the festival, but it will keep me focussed--have to have the writing session, NOW. Talk soon. Lots of interesting things to say, just no time to really say them...


Gerry said...

Looks like you were interrupted mid word, but it starts off as Escalante I think, your dad's home town, another good place I think to book this show. Cheryl also mentioned Wayne County, and Ann is promoting Panguitch. Maybe you will get on line again to complete what you started off to say, but I am always glad to see a blog entry from you! Mom said...

Hey Rame...I really haven't talked to people here yet, but I will. I was trying to get Tom cured first.
Did power run out???

DB said...

Raymond, I'm glad to read the show is going on. Wouldn't it be nice if you could reside somewhere for a while, like in a theatre.

"Can someone get me out of this." I used to say that I give up acting once a week. I said that often over many decades.