Friday, April 17, 2009

'Finally In Boulder'

Finally, I'm home in Boulder. Right now, however, I'm sitting in a place called The Kiva Koffeehouse, which is between Boulder and Escalante, perched upon a cliff looking down into the Escalante River, in a word, its breathtakingly beautiful. This year, I don't have the built in w-fi that I had last summer, so as I wait for it, I have to sneak away to cafes, stores, and other places where I can steal a few minutes on the web. 

The last week has been getting my trailer fired up, getting electricity humming, the water hot, and the dust and cold moved out. When I first arrived, I immediately felt the anxiety of such contrasting landscapes and culture, L.A. to Boulder is quite a stretch. Today, I feel calm and clear thinking, and the planning for the show is getting underway. The first two shows won't be until June, so that gives me a month and a half to build my 'touring' set, and incorporate some of the photos, bells and whistles that I want to do to improve the show. I also have been going over the script again and again, smoothing things out. People have asked me, "How do you remember the show if you aren't doing it every week..."  Good question. Each night, when I turn out the light, I go through about a third of the show.  I do this for three nights in a row until I am through the show (at least the memorization), then take one night off, and then start the process all over again. This is nice because I can take my time going through it, any of the tiniest things I want to change I do this during this process. 

I've also been researching theatre companies around the country, and drafting a query letter to see what the possibilities are of bringing the show there. This will take some time. Most companies are coming to the end of their seasons, and so its a little difficult to get them to reply. 

Today's blog will have to be a short one, tonight I am playing up at Hills and Hollows, (a country store) and am behind after being in Escalante for the better part of the afternoon. On the way back, there was an asian couple stuck off the road buried to the frame in the sand. After stopping several different cars and trucks, we finally found a chain and pulled them out. Its interesting to be back in a land where the traffic is sparse, the sky is really blue, and the people have lots of time on their hands... 


Pamela said...

I'm glad you are safe and getting settled. I hope things go well for you there.

Gerry said...

Yes, from Los Angeles to a country store called Hills and Hollows is a ways, but you are good at adjusting fast. I was thinking about you as I soaked my toe in hot water, wondering if you had gotten better from stepping on a nail, and if not, better get soaking. It's been cold and blowy here, so it must be cold up there still. But spring is on the wing and that's a wonderful season in Boulder. Dan and I went to the movies, the latest Russell Crowe one. Mom

Ann said...

I'm glad you found a spot where you could flip on your computer and write a bit. I am hoping your Aunt Linda can get up and running too. Her telephone man stole her keys, she thinks.
Jason and Jessica are off on a motorcycle trip next week. If you live in Utah are ready to fly away! So enjoy settling in.

caroline said...

Glad you're back, Raymond. I finally got back, too, just this past Friday night. Looking forward to seeing you. Will you be playing at the Bone?

DB said...

Some theatre goer once asked me how many times I went through the play. She was surprised when I said, "I don't know. A hundred times, maybe two hundred."