Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'L.A. Show Closes'

Tuesday, we officially closed the show. Its been a great ride. Having no real expectations except for very high hopes,  we were able to squeeze some great benefits out of our modest production. Its time to head back to Boulder to process everything that happened, that can't be done without some time and country roads to walk up and down. Last night was met with some anxiety, and my old friend insomnia. Still, I think after a couple of weeks I'll be able to calm down some, and get my balance back. My routine has changed so much in the weeks after the show went up, I often didn't know what to feel and when to feel it. I'm a little 'out of sorts' but at least know why. 

Saturday night will be The Bukowski Festival, and I'll help Scott with whatever I can do, and then Sunday, we have to be out of this apartment. It will be a quick move, and then another 'bohemian' drive to Phoenix and then back to Boulder. This trip, I'll take the Vegas route and stop at The Valley of Fire where my Dad disappeared. That will be the first part of the 'processing', after doing the show. So many of the images of his disappearance have become clearer to me having gone through the story. It will be good to go back there now, I have some items that I want to take out into that desert and leave there. 

I've been thinking about making a 'multi-media' film out of this whole experience, combining the play, photos, and video. In doing so, I'll be able to show or give that to people who weren't able to see the play here in L.A. Although I plan on continuing the show in Utah (and other places as well), I have to rest and 'make a plan'. Part of the process of this journey  is the continuance of the blog,  so even after executing the original plan, the journey is just getting started. I have a show! Wow! That feels good, very good. 

Kurt and I were talking last night of how this whole process feels like we have packed a year into these last three months, and he is so very right--we have really 'put the pedal to the medal'. The spirit of creation is so very energetic! Perhaps it is the eternal part of living, it so feels that way, as though creation may be the soul of God and the continuance of life. All of this has been such an act of faith, one epiphany after another. One revelation after another. One mystery after another. I am so very fortunate to have taken this journey, and as I have said before, "when you have nothing to lose, creation lifts you onto its wings..." so swift, and so very sweet. Stay tuned, the flight continues...


Gerry said...

Glad to read this entry as a wild day in the Westward Ho draws to a close. Jack has gone mad, and dont know when he will stop trying to kill himself with one giant end all drunk. All of the people who care about him have been talking about what to do, Mariam, Erling, Fran, the coordinator, and Ione his present girlfriend--Doc is even willing to analyze. After Vern's death yesterday and David Barrett dying in hospice of lung cancer, the grim reaper seems to have taken up residence here, temporarily. I was thinking while all the younger people are struggling for jobs, all the older people are trying to prolong life. Jack is one of the most bored people I know, and I have thought what a shame he did not discover art and creativity which can make life so much sweeter as the body ages and parts dont work so well anymore. I always feel a new lease on life when I figure out a way to create. Will be looking forward to seeing you in Phoenix and making a DVD of the show is such a good idea! Keep on hand to sell. I would love it I hope you will be able to give me a 10 minute video interview or song for my Youtube and Blog. Dante's last video hit 30 already. And all he did is lay there and say nothing. Teens do this as you well know, when their elders ask them questions. Ann and I discovered Adus and Polecat! M.

caroline said...

Wow. What a ride, Raymond, and it's just beginning, as you say. Just glad Boulder is ever the oasis for you.

Pamela said...

I hope you do make a DVD as I was not able to make it up to LA. I'm hoping you enjoy your rest, and recovery. You deserve it!
Take care, and keep writing so I can keep up with you, ok?

Ann said...

And home you go, musing over your lost Dad at the Valley of Fire...Where could he be? The question always lingers... When I drove through at Thanksgiving, I thought the area he was missing wasn't that big and yet it is far too big.
I hope Bukowski and the elephant lady, Linda...will send you off satisfied at your great accomplishment.

~*~Travelling Gnome Jossi~*~ said...

You owe me breakfast or something when you come in to p-town. Call me from the road. I miss you so much it's unmeasurable by numbers! Be safe.

-- Love bug.

TJ in Boulder said...

Raymond -

Typical of early spring Boulder we've had a few days of howling wind and blowing sand, but the days are ever warmer and Lauren and I look forward to walking the hill with you. The Burr Trail Outpost is open. That and the Mesa make for good destinations and spots for those chance conversations that can be so entertaining.

We are eager for you return and welcome you with open arms and hearts. Let us know as soon as you get to town and we'll feed and pamper you. Peace and love buddy, T&L

DB said...

Raymond congratulations for opening, running, closing and continuing the journay. Artistic creationis the beginning of the universe all over again, so hard to see when we're sweating with the work but so clear in retrospect. I know I'm prejudiced by life experience, but I think there is nothing more important to the world than artistic imagination taken and fashioned into some understandble and believable form. It's powerful.