Monday, December 22, 2008

The Decision Making Process, Part Two.

So, I just came from my meeting with David Fofi, the Artistic Director for Elephant Stageworks.  I made the decision to put my focus on 'Bohemian Cowboy', and wait on the other play. It is the right decision and I feel uplifted and relieved. There is lots of good news that comes with this decision, I got David Fofi interested in all of my plays. He wants me to drop several off at the end of the week. He was especially interested in 'The Pig Hunter From Blue River', which is my 'horror' play. This guy likes the work! So, getting him to read the play was great to have happen. I'm feeling a real kinship to both he and his producer, Anita, going into rehearsal and being around the theatre will give me an opportunity to get to know them both much better. I still think 'Blue Baby' is a great play for Los Angeles, but just not now. However, another opportunity has come into the mix. 

David Barker, my friend and actor who teaches and is the chair of the Performance Graduate School at ASU, will bring his one man show, 'Dodging Bullets' into the theatre for two performances on the 12th and the 14th of March. I've always wanted to do something to showcase David's amazing ability and power as an actor, and this is an opportunity that will be minimal work for me. I was involved with the first readings of this show, and I was supposed to direct the show until this opportunity presented itself. So, David will bring in his show, (already in tact) for two shows in March! Where one door closes, another door opens! I feel much better about the situation, however, it will mean when you come to see the event it will just be me, up on stage, but I guarantee not to disappoint! And if you plan to come for the weekend of March 12th (that's a Thursday) you will be able to see two shows, he will do Thursday and Saturday, I will do Friday and Sunday. The other three weeks, (Opens February 20, that's a Friday) I will be doing four shows a week. The first weekend will just be three, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, after that, I will be performing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, with the exception of the weekend David is here. I hope that is clear, don't worry, I'll be sending and reminding as things evolve. 

As I made my way down to the meeting, I noticed that my hip was unusually sore today, As I got out to go into the theatre, I realized, dancing! I danced at the party--it was a good realization, I'm not through dancing in my life. Aaah, muscle memory, the greatest advantage as I get older. 

I also had a realization about Christmas. It was three years ago this month that Dad disappeared and I had major hip surgery at the same time. I've been in a funk every Christmas since. I was reading that when people have crisis at certain times of the year, that memory engram can follow into the ensuing 'time of year'. I have a strange relationship with Christmas. I also think living so 'close to the bone' puts such a stress with the spending money and places to go. I will probably once again opt out of leaving here for Christmas. I would love to see my family, but I need to keep my energy here, rest and relax before the rehearsals start. I will spend Christmas working on the play, and that will have to do for my Christmas. If the diner is open, I'll go and have a turkey dinner. I know that sounds a little pathetic, but what you need to know dear readers, is that I am happy tonight, and I feel like I'm making good choices. I also feel like years of experience is leading me to this place, with this end, and with this good cheer for Christmas. Now I have to re-write a monologue, mom, I'm having a tough time in the writing about you in this play, but I think you will be pleased with my result--its getting there! 
Merry Christmas from Los Angeles. 


Gerry said...

I am relieved, too! I think you have made the right decision, and I am happy that you have made David Barker a part of this event in Los Angeles. Great! You should remind people he cast you as Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew, and I thought you were a great one! I loved that show. So now you are linking the Phoenix people who were a creative part of your life to what is going on in Los Angeles. Oh, you will have fun. You should also give him The Fish Must Die! Love that play, too. Pig Hunter from Blue River has some great Arizona stuff in it. Nowhere but in Los Angeles could you have gotten your excitement back and proof that creating great plays is still important! Mom

annk said...

I was worried about you stressing yourself out with TWO plays, and think that getting the one man show in great shape is more important because you can also take it on the your own truck. This way you can concentrate on one important show.
May your thoughts jell into poetry!