Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I arrived last night in Los Angeles. I drove to Calabasus where my friend Kent lives, I'll be staying with them until I find a place of my own. All of the scenarios for doing the play, (or now possibly plays) are in the informational gathering stage.  Kurt will fly out the first part of December to meet with all of us, and also a producer here who has optioned his story of 'Wildhorse Annie' for a film. Apparently, this producer is interested in the possibility of throwing in with us for our expertise in producing a couple of one-acts for a friend of his. All of this is much like writing a play, information, writing through the first draft, finding the structure and then re-writing the details. I actually love this part of the process, making the deal, securing the rehearsal space, and contracting the theatre. Kurt has another friend who has offered to help us secure a loft space so that we could live there and rehearse there as well. When I have more time, I will tell you about the apartment theatre in New York which was a fully functional theatre as well as a living space. The apartment theatre eventually became an article in the New York Times, and was in operation for three years. It only sat eighteen people, but became a cult theatre, and the shows were always sold out. Although eighteen seats selling out for three years is not a watershed, it changed some thinking on what a space could become. The light and sound board operator sat on the top of the refriderator, and the roof top of the six story walk up became a party each weekend, (with theatre included) It was a magical time in
NYC, one play we did had seven characters in the play, (the backstage wing space was only two feet).  Although we will be doing our play in an existing theatre, its always nice to know that if you had to, you can build out a theatre in a week's time. 

So, today I am meeting with Kent, Scott Hall, and Alex Dikowski, to see what kind of interest they have in working on this production. Alex runs a lighting and sound company called Western Productions here in Los Angeles, and is a former student of mine. Scott is a cousin, living out his dream here in LA, trying to get another movie made. So, the first and second part of the process is securing the space and securing an excited team of producers, tech experts, and publicity team. Next will be securing the 'talent'. (talent refers to the actors, directors, and designers)  Its a crazy business, but an exciting one. The Theatre we are looking at for use is The Gardner Street Theatre in Hollywood. I'll let you know what happens after the meeting! Here we go! 


Gerry said...

Glad to see that you are posting already. It sounds exciting to say the least. And I will be looking forward to more entries. Some send e-mails out for all entry postings and some just for special ones. I kind of hit and miss, but if I really want to call attention to an entry or a video I send e-mails. Love, Mom

Pamela said...

I hope you get the theatre you want. I'm excited for you!